Pitch a Labs challenge

How does this work?

Labs happen in a FaithTech community, either in a city, or through our online meetups. To set up a Labs challenge, you should first engage with a FaithTech community.

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  1. Prepare and upload your pitch
  2. Present your pitch to the community

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Preparing your challenge

Prepare challenge video

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Prepare a 1-minute pitch describing the challenge you want to work with the community to solve.

Submit challenge info

Submit your challenge

Provide details about your challenge and share the pitch you've prepared for the team to review.


what's next?

The FaithTech team will review your submission and follow up with next steps.


What Is A Labs Partner?

A Labs partner is anyone who has experienced or seen a problem in their community, city, ministry, mission, charity or church. You have a desire to see tech leveraged by a volunteer team to solve this problem.

You may represent a Church, Mission Organisation, Charity, or you may be a person with a passion to see a particular problem solved in Jesus’ name.

What Sort Of Problems Do You Solve?

FaithTech labs projects aim to solve problems for:
  • Marginalized Communities.
  • The Local Church.
  • The spreading of the Gospel.

Many problems touch more than one of these, but we are laser focused on these three areas

How Do I Pitch My Problem To FaithTech?

We have a range of opportunities for problem pitches:
  • Through our regular local community meetups.
  • Through the FaithTech Online Community.
  • Through our local and Global Labs events such as Hackathons and FaithTech Create.

Through any of these, we have provide opportunities for projects to be pitched to the FaithTech community.

Will Our Project Be Picked Up?

FaithTech Labs are volunteer-led teams, so we can’t give guarantees that any specific problem or pitch will be picked up. Projects that come from a highly engaged partner that regularly attends FaithTech meetups have much higher chance of teams forming. Relationship is what makes it work!

What Am I Committing To?

Our most successful projects have great engagement from our Partners. FaithTech starts in community, and that’s the model we place around our project teams. We want to see relationships built, people learning together, and amazing products built alongside this. Attending and engaging with the FaithTech community in your city, or online is the starting point for a Labs project.

Alongside relationship and community, partners are key in helping teams get through a thorough discovery process, understanding the problem and the way your organisation or community might be able to implement solutions.

I'm In! How Do I Get Involved?

Take your next steps to pitching your project by joining a FaithTech Community, creating a pitch video and presenting it at a future community event.

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