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What are FAITHTECH Labs?

FaithTech Labs are volunteer teams that leverage technology to create redemptive solutions to kingdom-focussed challenges.

Labs happen in the FaithTech community, either in a city, or through our online meetups. Check the communities menu to see if there is a FaithTech group near you.

How we build at FAITHTECH

The 4D Cycle

A Framework for Building Redemptive Tech

Our community builds using the FaithTech Playbook methodology for redemptively building technology together.

Each element of this cycle is accompanied with teaching and tools to help you utilise this uniquely biblical framework for building technology.

To check it out, download a copy of the FaithTech Playbook by clicking below.

Download Playbook


Is this in-person or online?

Both! As you sign-up for FaithTech Labs, you'll get the option to join in your city (if you are located close to a FaithTech Community), or online. Both options will involve the same teaching and tools to help you get from problem to prototype.

How do I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to get plugged into the FaithTech community:If you’re in a city where FaithTech meet already, you can get involved there. Not near a community? Join one of our Global Meet-ups, or fill out our Labs on-boarding form to get connected. Geography is no limitation! Our Communities host hackathons and sprints through the year, so you can also get involved in a Labs project through these events. Check our events page for more information.

How does FaithTech Support the Project?

Our heart, at community and a global level is to equip our labs teams to succeed, and offer an environment where teams can learn and grow together.  Practically the support resources we offer are:
* The 4D Cycle– this is a collection of coaching, videos and materials which bring together our heart for discipleship and the best product development techniques Labs projects have used.
* A growing community of Mentors – amazing people across tech, business and ministry. They are there to help and advise your team as you move through the development cycle.
* A funded tech stack – as your project gains traction, so will a need for a stack to support it. We will provide access to the resources you need (within a budget) to get your project to MVP.
* Online community: we have a lively Slack community, where you can grab your own channel, get products tested, and tell the FaithTech world about your project! We also have “always open” virtual meeting spaces for you to use as a team when meeting in-person is not possible.

What am I Committing To?

There are two main models for Labs projects that you can get involved in:

Time Limited: these are event-type projects, which you will find through Hackathons, Create programs, or other events. Here you know exactly when your involvement will start and end!

Community-Based: each of our communities has a number of projects, with passionate volunteers who want to see them progress, sometimes through several MVP iterations. However, involvement levels are up to each volunteer – you get to decide. Whether you commit to a 2 day hackathon, a 4 week Sprint, or spend 1 year with a community project team, you can know that you are contributing to kingdom tech innovation.

I'm not in tech, can I play?

Absolutely, this program is for people across tech, ministry, business, and charity. If you’re passionate to help design solutions to real-world problems, there’s a place for you. Each team ideally has a mixture of skills to bring balance and momentum. This will often include a mix of developers, researchers, a project manager, and a designer.

What happens at a meet-up?

At a FaithTech meet-up there will be teaching on the specific development stage for your project, and you'll receive tools to use to help get from one stage to the next. There'll also be opportunities to share progress and help find solutions with the rest of the group. In the time between the meet-ups, your team can work to a pace and rhythm that suits you.

What are my next steps?

Explore the projects listed and join those that look interesting to you.

Explore Projects

Challenge partners

BGEAPrescienceIndigitous are partnering with FaithTechGloo are partnering for challenges with FaithTech
We have worked on challenges from a number of partner organizations over the years, above are some of our current challenge partners. If you are keen to become part of the FaithTech Community, and partner with us on a labs challenge, click below to learn more.
Pitch A Challenge